About Us

Greek Natural Exports is one of the newest export companies in Greece. Through us and our certified collaborators, you can meet your business’ requirements regarding Greek fine products that are made to be cherished by forward lookers who aim high. You are able to find products at competitive prices and at a low freight cost, emphasizing on consistency and reliability. Our moral is very simple…

The services we are in position to provide are of high quality and professionalism. We enjoy making challenging tasks possible!

Motivated by our vision to make Greek products known all over the globe, and driven by the passion to explore the international market in an innovative way, our mission is to supply you with excellent Greek products such as olive oil, honey, and anything else according to your preferences. Greek Natural Exports is able to contribute to your business’ success and help you provide your clients with traditional yet distinctive products.

“Olive trees have been cultivated in Greece for thousands of years, and still remain a symbol of peace and victory!”

“A man of vision focuses on his destination, not his situation”


Born in Germany in 1971, to Greek parents, returned to Greece in the early 80s. After finishing high school, I continued my studies on management and finances at the Technologic Institute of Larissa. Also, an owner of a degree in IT Skills and attended a lot of seminars on finances. I was an executive at one of the greatest export companies in Greece, which exported Greek products to the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, and many more countries. After successfully leaving that company I decided to start my own business with an aspiration to continue achieving things in the area of exports.

“Fresh herbs that are great to have handy in the kitchen”

“You are because I am, and I am because you are!”